Restarting the Project

carnera-loughranIts been too long. Current events have consumed my attentions over on my other blog – which I am definitely encouraging you to visit… hint, hint…

But what I love is boxing, and lately, I find myself missing the world of the fight game, if only as an escape from the declining American political situation. I’m not giving up on politics and current events, but I do plan to spend more time on my boxing projects.

I have come to the conclusion that what’s best is to turn my Greatest Heavyweights series into something bigger and maybe a bit cleaner. It’s now my 200 Greatest Heavyweights list, where it should hopefully remain until I finish the countdown. I have added 21 additional boxers from the last update, and I will try to fill those in shortly. My very first new fighter – Scott LeDoux – was just added to the running bio list today.

It’s possible I may add another boxer or two before I’m done, but I’m going to try to avoid adding any more active fighters. As they fight other contenders, I will have to adjust the overall list anyway. Adding more will just create greater complexity. So for now, 200 (kind of) will be where I stay.

I am including the link to my primary index page… that one will get re-posted periodically, as I add to my list.

I only get so much time in the day in which to write, so I can’t promise how often this will be updated, or what else I might write, boxing-wise. But new content definitely will appear, and hopefully at an increased pace this year.

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