200 Greatest Heavyweights – January 2021 Updates

Eddie Machen battering Alex Miteff in 1960 from boxrec.com

I’d say that I’m back, but I never really left. I mostly just focused on other things, such as my other blog, and my contributions to a fine boxing website from Canada. I still intend to continue said contributions to them as long as they have me, but I also plan to get back into some of my personal projects here. First and foremost among these projects is my Top 200 (and change) Greatest Heavyweights ranking.

I ended up finding myself bogged down in the early stages of the individual fighter capsules back in 2017. A cross-country move and a new job conspired to rob me of much of my free time, and since scrawling brief histories of obscure boxers to a tiny audience is hardly a lucrative gig, it fell by the wayside.

But the heavyweights continue to scrap, and several active fighters are starting to build resumes that warrant inclusion in the top 200. So, after some effort of recalculation to take the new bouts into account, I have arrived at an updated ranking, and I’m going to start posting my countdown once again. I cannot make any promises toward frequency or consistency, as every other attempt to do so has met with failure, but I will endeavor to keep the list coming as long as I can stand.

This post coincides with my first new profile since 2017 – Number 174, Randall “Tex” Cobb. I have several drafts for 173, 172, and so on already in various stages of completion, and with any luck, at least a couple of them may be done in February.

As always, I will also include the link to my index page, where these updates are linked, along with each profile, in order of lowest to highest. The index will be updated as often as I update the ranking.


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