200 Greatest Heavyweights – January 2021 Updates

I’d say that I’m back, but I never really left. I mostly just focused on other things, such as my other blog, and my contributions to a fine boxing website from Canada. I still intend to continue said contributions to them as long as they have me, but I also plan to get back into… Read More 200 Greatest Heavyweights – January 2021 Updates

Number 174 – Randall “Tex” Cobb

Randall Cobb (tied for 161) Bridge City, Texas, USA December 10, 1953 6’3″ / 220-264 lbs 42-7-1-1(35) from 01/21/1977 to 06/07/1993 (16y6m) 1-4-0-0(0) against the top ten 1-2-0-0(0) against lineal champions 0-2-0-0(0) against hall-of-famers 0-1-0-0(0) for the lineal championship Top ten opponents: W-UD-10 Bernardo Mercado, L-SD-10 Ken Norton, L-MD-10, L-TD-4 Michael Dokes, L-UD-15 Larry Holmes 0 total score (1 +… Read More Number 174 – Randall “Tex” Cobb