Number 188 – Orlin Norris

Orlin Norris (tied for 184) Lubbock, Texas, USA October 4, 1965 5’10” / 70” reach / 187-246 lbs 57-10-1-2(30) from 6/16/1986 to 11/03/2005 (19y5m) 0-2-0-1(0) against the top ten 0-0-0-1(0) against linear champions 0-0-0-1(0) against hall-of-famers no fights for the linear championship Fights against the top ten: L-SD-12 Tony Tucker, L-UD-10 Andrew Golota, NC-1 Mike Tyson -2 total… Read More Number 188 – Orlin Norris

Back in the saddle

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year concentrating my efforts on my other blog, and have pretty much neglected boxing. Politics and current events have felt much more pressing. However, I haven’t forgotten this blog, or my big heavyweight project. I’ve done some recalculations to my Greatest Heavyweights list, and have added… Read More Back in the saddle

Number 192 – Curtis Sheppard

Curtis Sheppard (tied for 192)  Brownsville, New York, USA August 28, 1920 – May 10, 1984? 5’11” / 173-203lbs 52-33-0-2(33) from 9/24/1938 to 1/19/1949 (20y4m) 2-10-0-0(1) against the top ten 0-3-0-0(0) against linear champions 1-10-0-0(1) against hall-of-famers no fights for the linear championship Top ten opponents: W-KO-1 Joey Maxim, W-UD-10 Gus Dorazio, L-KO-5 Lem Franklin, L-UD-10 Joey… Read More Number 192 – Curtis Sheppard