178 Greatest Heavyweights recalculation – Holyfield edition

The basic criteria for my ranking of the greatest heavyweights is fairly straight forward. How many wins does a fighter have against good opposition? My primary means of assessing this is via the Ring Magazine’s top ten ratings. My rationale for this has been explained before, but essentially, those rankings are the oldest, most reliable,… Read More 178 Greatest Heavyweights recalculation – Holyfield edition

Number 208 – James “Quick” Tillis

James Tillis Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA July 5, 1957 6’1” / 80” reach / 186 – 261lbs 42-22-1-1(31) from 11/18/1978 to 4/13/2001(22y5m) 0-8-0-0 against the top ten 0-2-0-0 against linear champions 0-2-0-0 against hall-of-famers no fights for the linear championship Top ten opponents: L-UD-15 Mike Weaver, L-TKO-8 Pinklon Thomas, L-TKO-8 Greg Page, L-TKO-1 Tim Witherspoon, L-UD-10… Read More Number 208 – James “Quick” Tillis

Top 15 Heavyweights – April 29, 2014

Top 15 Heavyweights – April 29, 2014 The heavyweight division sucks. That’s the current narrative, anyway. In fact, throughout the years, that’s often been the narrative. The common consensus throughout most heavyweight eras is that one or two great fighters are dominating an otherwise weak division. Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Larry Holmes, and Mike Tyson… Read More Top 15 Heavyweights – April 29, 2014