Updates to the Greatest Heavyweights, now The 178 Greatest Heavyweights

Pastrano-Peralta II

Well, I figured this would happen. Going through my heavyweight ranking, making some changes and doing some more research, I came to the conclusion that there are some good fighters that have been left out. More importantly, those fighters all have records that give them rankings higher that my lowest-ranked fighter on this list. I mentioned in my introductory post that some fighters may slip through the cracks and get left out. And I was fine with that, but there were a few names that just felt like glaring omissions. Eventually, I decided they warranted conclusion, even though that meant quite a bit of work revising all my lists. I’m not sure if I can call myself persistent, or just stubborn, but after 2 weeks of work, this ranking has officially expanded.

So, I have taken the liberty of adding 12 fighters to this list, bringing the total to 178. This also necessitated changes to prior entries, so where appropriate, “166” has been updated to “178,” and the rankings on each profile (top ten win/loss, HOF win/loss, etc) have also been changed.

Two of the new fighters rank among the first 9 that I have already profiled. I have just today added a profile for one (Gunnar Barlund) and will shortly add a profile for the other (Red Burman).

I will also post an index page for the Greatest Heavyweights list later today. This will be updated with each addition, and should make it easier to keep track of the profiles and updates in this series.

I will continue to write about other boxing topics. My updated top 15 for the current heavyweights should be posted in the next couple weeks, and a new series will be started soon, highlighting and debunking boxing myths and misconceptions (I really want to hear Mike Tyson repeat that phrase).

So, until then, enjoy!

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