Update – slight recalculation

For those following my “Top 166 Heavyweights” project, I found I had to make a slight adjustment. I was finishing up my post for 162, Jameel McCline, only to find out that one of his losses – a wide decision loss to John Ruiz – briefly elevated Ruiz back into the Ring top ten, and per my criteria, counts as another notch against McCline in his “win/loss vs top ten” score. So, this drops McCline down one notch to number 163. I will go ahead and post Jameel’s page with the necessary change, and will edit the Alex Miteff post to reflect his slight promotion to 162. 

Minor stuff, but considering the detail and work I put into this, I really should endeavor to keep this as accurate as possible.

Photo credit - © fightnews.com
Photo credit – © fightnews.com

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