Introduction to the new blog

I’m taking the blogging world by storm! Well, no, that’s not true. However, I am restarting my old boxing blog. That’s significant to… um, me, I guess.

I have opinions, and dammit, I’m gonna throw them out into the world until someone pays attention! Or ignores me. Either way, I’m glad to get restarted.

Back in 2006, I began submitting articles to The articles were basically just simple op-ed pieces, mostly about the heavyweight division. I didn’t particularly distinguish myself, and attempts at submitting to other websites failed. I still had fun, and sometimes started debates, which was mostly why I wrote what I did.

All of the eastsideboxing articles were later added to my second Blogger account. I’m going to copy those previous entries to this new blog, in much the same way I transferred my old political stuff to my new political blog – Feel free to wander over there if you, dear reader, are so inclined. That blog is all about politics and current events, therefore it’s no dirtier or more unpleasant than a boxing blog.

It won’t just be reposts. I actually have new stuff to write, though I imagine my updates will be inconsistent. I’d like to average at least two posts a month. I could force more, but my writing quality is suspect already. It would be best not to push it too far.

One repost will be from a Facebook note I posted just a couple weeks ago. Another repost is actually from a piece of scrap paper I just found in the basement from 2011.

For anyone who wants to see what the old blog looked like, here you go:

Hopefully this new one lasts longer and gets more attention.


Hopefully this will be the start of something fun.


About hbreck

Writer, debater, contrarian, storyteller, occasional troublemaker. I'm mostly just making things up as I go.
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