Premature Bombing?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A young(ish), up-and-coming heavyweight with a reputation for big power – already making inroads in the top ten rankings – obliterates a faded former contender in less than a round. He’s now seen as a devastating monster. The top dogs in the division are in deep trouble… Yep,… Read More Premature Bombing?

Number 197 – Jose Luis Garcia

Jose Luis Garcia (tied for 192) Caracas, Venezuela 1950 6’4” / 159-221 lbs 30-8-1-1(19) from 6/17/1968 to 8/14/1975 (7y2m) 0-4-0-0(0) against the top ten 0-0-0-0(0) against linear champions 1-1-0-0(1) against hall-of-famers no fights for the linear championship Top ten opponents: L-KO-6 Ernie Terrell, L-KO-3 Ron Lyle, L-KO-2 Joe Bugner, L-KO-5 Ken Norton -3 total score (0 + -4 + 0 +… Read More Number 197 – Jose Luis Garcia