Overrated/Underrated – Heavyweight Edition

This past Saturday, former linear champion Wladimir Klitschko did battle with up-and-coming contender Anthony Joshua. Similar size, similar attributes, similar styles, the two heavyweights were like strange mirror images of each other. Except that the old lion was being underrated in many circles, and young Joshua was being somewhat overrated. Now, this is not a… Read More Overrated/Underrated – Heavyweight Edition

Number 196 – Patsy Perroni

Patsy Perroni (tied for 192) February 3, 1912 – October 1, 1987 6’1½” / 77½” reach / 171¾-196lbs 71-18-8-0(25) from 4/1/1927 to 6/1/1944 (17y2m) 1-4-0-0(0) against the top ten 0-1-0-0(0) against linear champions 0-3-0-0(0) against hall-of-famers no fights for the linear championship Top ten opponents: W-UD10 Gus Dorazio, L-MD-10 Don McCorkindale, L-UD-10 Joe Louis, L-UD-6,… Read More Number 196 – Patsy Perroni