Another update for the 200 Greatest Heavyweights

This is a quick one. I have once again rearranged the ranking – both of fighters already listed, and fighters further up the list. I have hemmed and hawed about this topic for years now, but I finally gave in and included a specific metric in my final score – draws. Or, specifically, draws against… Read More Another update for the 200 Greatest Heavyweights

Number 160 – Arturo Godoy

Arturo Godoy Iquique, Chile October 10, 1912 – August 27, 1986 6’0½” / 74” reach / 168½-207¾lbs 89-21-12-2(50) from 12/21/1930 to 11/3/1951 (20y10m) 2-9-5-0(0) against the top ten 0-2-0-0(0) against linear champions 1-4-1-0(0) against hall-of-famers 2 fights for the linear championship – 0-2-0-0(0) Top ten opponents: W-UD-12 Roscoe Toles, W-SD-10 Phil Muscato, D-10 Leroy Haynes, D-10 Al… Read More Number 160 – Arturo Godoy